Introducing State-of-the-Art REO Servicing

Arizona Realty & REO provides innovative streamlined REO disposition services to lenders, banks and asset-managers holding assets in the metro and suburban Maricopa County areas. We’ve blended the latest advances in REO marketing, pinpoint property valuation processes, highly systemized reporting and vendor management, to create a powerful best-in-class approach to efficient REO servicing.


As the leading property disposition firm in the greater Los Angeles area we possess an unrivaled level of knowledge, expertise and energy that quite literally changes the way the market behaves around our clients’ properties.

Simply, we are the BEST REO disposition solution for properties of any value range.

A sampling of our services includes:

✓ Occupancy: GUARANTEED 24 hour occupancy checks and weekly reporting.

✓ BPO: GUARANTEED 48 hour or less turnaround for both drive by and full interior Broker Price Opinions. All BPOs are performed by our experienced pricing specialists to provide you with fast and accurate “Bulls-Eye” pricing of REO properties.

✓ MMRs: Providing timely and accurate marketing and status reports including current comparable property data and showing statistics.

✓ CFK (Cash-for-keys): Aggressive, experienced negotiation with occupants to minimize client expense and eliminate need for eviction.

✓ Eviction : Coordination with Sheriffs office and personal oversight of evictions.

✓ Re-Key: Quick re-key of entry locks using client key codes and lockbox codes for both initial acquisition and pre-closing (as directed).

✓ Secure: Professionally securing services to prevent any unauthorized entry into client owned properties.

✓ Trash-Out: Coordination and post service inspection of contractor services.

✓ Repairs and Rehabs: Extensive reliable contractor database with quick turnaround of multiple bids. Accurate inspection, verification and sign off of all work upon completion.

✓ Landscape Maintenance: Management, coordination and regular inspection of lawn services to ensure client properties are maintained as directed.

✓ Seasonal: Winterization, Debris Removal (as necessary)

✓ Expert Contract Negotiation: Efficient and professional negotiation of all purchase offers according to client-directed offer communication method.

✓ Closing Coordination: Scheduling and scrutinized oversight of all “contract to close” details and processes for pending transactions to ensure timely closings.

✓ Auction Coordination: Coordination and cooperation with auction firm guidelines to ensure a smooth transition for 3rd party property disposition sales.

✓ Communication: In house cutting edge REO management software paralleled to client specific platforms to ensure timely task completion and best-in-class client service. Modern communication system for availability to clients, buyers and agents during and after business hours seven days a week.

✓ Showing : Multiple on-call (7 days/week) buyer’s agents licensed exclusively under our firm and available to quickly and knowledg​​ably show properties in all areas serviced.

✓ Departmentalized Client Service Specialists: Skilled team of REO experts handling specialized tasks during the acquisition, marketing and closing phases including pre-marketing, contract and closing, vendor management and buyer servicing.

✓ Customer Base: We maintain a giant buyer, investor and agent pool due to our large presence on major Maricopa County media outlets.